Our Executive Board

Kara Goettl, Chapter President


Kara Goettl

Year: 4th

Major: Exercise Health Sciences (Pre-Med) 

Contact: etazetagpb.cp@gmail.com 

I am excited to take on the opportunity of leading our chapter as chapter President this year. Gamma Phi is not something I do for fun, but live everyday. I am able to build community among my sisters being the Resident Adviser of the house. I hope to go on to med school and become either a primary care physician or a physician's assistant .

Carolyn Meder, Administrative Vice President

Administrative Vice President

Carolyn Meder

Year: 3rd

Major: Athletic Training

Contact: etazetagpb.avp@gmail.com

Previously serving Gamma Phi Beta as the Panhellenic delegate, and now as the administrative VP, I have been given a unique and amazing opportunity to give back to the sorority that has given me so much. The relationships I've fostered and the leadership positions I've held have taught me valuable lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. In the future I hope to work towards my degree in athletic training and eventually go to physical therapy school to work in the field of sport medicine.

Sarah Mayer, Financial Vice President

Financial Vice President

Sarah Mayer

Year: 2nd

Major: Finance and Marketing

Contact: etazetagpb.fvp@gmail.com

Gamma Phi Beta has given me a home while I'm away at school. I never grew up with any sisters and now I am surrounded by them every day. I am excited to serve as Financial Vice President and give my talents back to Gamma Phi. My sisters constantly encourage me to be a better woman. After I graduate I would like to work in the Finance field, but I'm looking to get some internship experience first.



Kay Hammond, Membership Vice President

Membership Vice President

Kay Hammond

Year: 4th (Graduation 2017) 

Major: Civil Engineering 

Contact: etazetagpb.mvp@gmail.com

Gamma Phi has taught me how to be a leader and has given me opportunities and a support system I never could have dreamed of. This organization has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to become the best version of myself.

Kelsey Fetterman, Education Vice President

Education Vice President

Kelsey Fetterman

Year: 2nd

Major: Business - Marketing 

Contact: etazetagpb.evp@gmail.com

Gamma Phi Beta has not only taught me how to be confident in everything that I do, but it has taught me how to love myself. Joining a sorority is more than just creating lifelong friendships, it is about finding yourself. At the end of my term of serving as Education Vice President, I hope I can leave a lasting impression on this amazing organization that has already exceeded all of my expectations. I am so lucky to be apart of an organization that has inspired me to grow and reach new heights each and every day! I love you GPB! 


                      Maddie Landon, Public Relations Vice President

Public Relations Vice President

Maddie Landon

Year: 3rd

Major: Urban Planning with a minor in Economics

Contact: etazetagpb.prvp@gmail.com

Gamma Phi Beta has given me opportunities to thrive that I would have never know about had I not gone Greek. I have made lifelong friends within Eta Zeta, as well as within our Panhellenic community. Serving my sisters is such a rewarding experience - everyday I wake up excited to see what I can give to my chapter. If you would have told me two years ago that I would be this happy - I would have thought you were lying. G Phi makes me smile, laugh, and love way harder than I could have done by myself. I look forward to spending my next two undergraduate years serving alongside my sisters!

                                Madeline Bible, Panhellenic Affairs Vice President

Panhellenic Affairs Vice President

Madeline Bible

Year: 4th

Major: Communications with a Public Relations Certificate 

Contact: etazetagpb.pavp@gmail.com

I love Gamma Phi because it has brought me a new understanding of campus. I can see UC as a community working together for the betterment of one another. I want to see our chapter get more involved with the Greek and non-Greek community. I want to give back to Gamma Phi through my position because I have gotten so much from this organization the past 3 years.